Wild game, Brussels sprouts and bacon

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  • Wild game, Brussels sprouts and bacon
  • Wild game, Brussels sprouts and bacon

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Festive Game with Brussel Sprouts and Bacon from Edgard and Cooper ought to be top of your dog’s Christmas menu this year and for good reason. There will be no fillers of any description found within, just naturally delicious festive fayre. Dogs are part of the family and Christmas is often the time people feel guilty and give in to human titbit temptation. Instead why not offer your dog a very special guilt-free gourmet meal of their own? Based on the traditional bird with all the trimmings, Christmas Game with Brussel Spouts and Bacon has the usual Edgard and Cooper high quality ‘grain free’ seal of approval. The most sensational seasonal tastes without causing upset to sensitive tummies. Cans are the perfect size for medium to large adult dogs of all breeds.

  • 100% fresh meat protein which is kind on your dog’s digestive system. 
  • There are no nasty fillers, colour or artificial preservatives in sight, just fresh game, bacon and seasonal produce
  • Nutritious and perfectly balanced to provide essential vitamins and minerals.



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