Dog organic Biscuits - Lamb meat



  • Dog organic Biscuits - Lamb meat
  • Dog organic Biscuits - Lamb meat
  • Dog organic Biscuits - Lamb meat



  • spelt flour
  • rice flour
  • whole-wheat spelt flour
  • lamb
  • eggs
  • coconut oil
            Lamb is the kind of meat, that is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. It contains the eight essential amino acids in the correct proportions, zinc and iron. It is known as red meat, it does not contain carbohydrates, and it is low in fat.

            Eggs contain vital amino acids that the body can not produce itself, but must obtain from food (essential amino acids), enzymes with antimicrobial activity. They also contain the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and B vitamins, minerals such as phosphorus and calcium (important for bones), iron.
            Rice is a part of gluten-free diet because unlike other cereals it does not contain gluten. Not just anyone who can not tolerate gluten, even those who are allergic to various proteins, such as milk or eggs, can consume rice without fear, since it has not been shown for it to harm anyone. Rice flour contains plenty of calcium, iron, vitamin B, and it is an excellent source of fiber.

            Spelled flour is easy to digest, it is of a high content of vitamin B and vitamin E, magnesium, zinc and copper and, in addition, it also contains antioxidants that protect from cancer.

            Without sugar, salt, artificial colors and preservatives

            Valid for: 10 months


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