Dog organic Biscuits Diet veggie with - Apple



  • Dog organic Biscuits Diet veggie with - Apple
  • Dog organic Biscuits Diet veggie with - Apple
  • Dog organic Biscuits Diet veggie with - Apple


Without sugar, salt, artificial colors and preservatives 

  • Ingredients: rice flour, hemp flour, apple, chia seeds, coconut oil.
  • Analytical constituents (100g): Crude protein 10.1%, crude oils and fats 4.7%, crude fibres 2.4%. Energy value: 355.8 kcal/100g.

WITHOUT protein of animal origin, they are replaced by the protein in hemp
Cannabis is extremely important in animal nutrition, it strengthens the immune system and has an enormous impact on many diseases such as inflammation, organ function, muscle recovery.

Rice is a part of gluten-free diet because unlike other cereals it does not contain gluten. Not just anyone who can not tolerate gluten, even those who are allergic to various proteins, such as milk or eggs, can consume rice without fear, since it has not been shown for it to harm anyone.

Rice flour contains plenty of calcium, iron, vitamin B, and it is an excellent source of fiber.

Apples contain a lot of vitamin C, minerals, potassium and are an excellent antioxidant.

Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acid that, among other good qualities, also contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol level. They contribute to the body's hydration and electrolytic balance, making them perfect for muscle recovery. They increase physical endurance as well and improve overall physical well-being.

Valid for: 15 months

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