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Without sugar, salt, artificial colors and preservatives

  • Ingredients: venison meat (30%), carrot, eggs, garlic graham flour, coconut oil, carob powder.
  • Analytical constituents (100g): Crude protein 17.9%, crude oils and fats 6.8%, crude fibres 1.7%. Energy value: 351.1 kcal/100g.

* Eggs contain the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and B vitamins, minerals such as phosphorus and calcium (important for bones), iron.
* Venison is not kept and fed artificially. A source of protein and amino acids.
Venison meat is, like fish, one of the kinds of meat that are richest in protein.
* Garlic strengthens the immune system by stimulating white blood cells to combat infections and tumors. It helps the kidneys by their function,
lowers blood cholesterol, and is a prevention against external and internal


Valid for: 15 months

    Price for 1 piece

    Weight: 85g

      Size: 18 x 8 cm

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